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In Vietnam, doctors managed to put a completely hopeless patient on his feet

29.07.2020 41 просмотров

The Scot has recovered from COVID-19 in Vietnam.

Vietnamese doctors managed to put on their feet the most severe patient with coronavirus. It's about a Scottish pilot who spent more than 50 days in critical condition while on a ventilator.

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"My example clearly shows everyone that the coronavirus is not a joke - says Stephen Cameron, 42. “Maybe people don’t like the fact that they are required to wear gloves and maintain a social distance of 2 meters ... But take me - I picked it up and spent 10 weeks in intensive care. Therefore, it’s not necessary to say that everyone is tired of protective measures while you are not yet vaccinated."

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Vietnamese doctors came out of Cameron and put him on the leg, which until now many doctors believe are miraculous. Now the patient continues treatment at home. It became known that during treatment in Ho Chi Minh City, he only miraculously managed to avoid a transplant of both lungs. Even though Stephen is already walking on his own, he has yet to complete a full rehabilitation course. 

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About 95 million people live in Vietnam. According to official figures, only 500 of them were infected with COVID-19 at the end of July.

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