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In Uzbekistan, mothers of children with disabilities will receive benefits

20.03.2019 181 просмотров

This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic.

According to the innovation, upon reaching the age of 55, mothers of this social group will receive benefits even if they have not reached the required length of service. It was decided to assign payments on the basis of a medical report or a certificate provided by a medical and labor expert commission.

Up to 40 million soums can now
get under the MTPL policy
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In accordance with the legislation of Uzbekistan,  persons who previously received benefits for age or loss of a breadwinner, as well as disabled people of groups I and II, did not have the opportunity qualify for payments if they also had an alternative source of income. The new resolution makes social benefits available to everyone, regardless of the availability of additional sources of funds.

Earlier it became known that the amount is up to 40 million soums now you can get in Uzbekistan under the OSGO policy. In addition, new policy forms of two types were introduced in the country: with and without limitation on the number of persons allowed to drive a vehicle.

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