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In Ulaanbaatar, Buddhists widely celebrated the birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni

10.06.2017 222 просмотров

This year, the 15th lunar day (9 June 2017 d) of the sacred month Үr Sar (Tib. Saga Dawa, Skt. Vesak), when Buddha Shakyamuni performed three great deeds in different years, appeared into the world, attained enlightenment, went into parinirvana

On the occasion of Buddha's Day "Burkhan Bagshiin Ih Duichen ödor", the Gandantegchenling Monastery on the central square of Ulaanbaatar organized a religious ceremony -a procession under the slogan " Purification of the Soul” and mass meditation.

The holiday is celebrated in the  sacred Buddhist month of Saga Dawa, or "the month of a thousandfold increase", when the results, or consequences, of all deeds increase many times over - both from bad intentions and deeds, and  ;from actions for the benefit of all beings. Shakyamuni Buddha (560-478/80 BC) is the fourth of the thousand Buddhas of our historical era.

According to the Bhadrakalpika Sutra, 1,000 Buddhas will appear in our world age. In Tibetan, “Buddha” is called “Sanggye”, which literally means “Awakened One” or “Enlightened One”, i.e. one who completely cleared all the veils in the mind and revealed its virtues and the nature that all sentient beings possess.

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