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In Turkey, they chose the "Queen of the apiary"

28.10.2019 101 просмотров

Arzu Aldemir was recognized as the best beekeeper, she has many years of experience with bees.

Arzu has been engaged in beekeeping for more than 30 years and travels to different provinces of the country in search of the best bee "texture". "Queen of the Apiary" has more than 600 beehives in the western province of Mugla, producing several dozen different varieties of honey.

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In addition, the woman regularly attends seminars, trainings, as well as master classes on breeding and caring for bees. Arzu notes that beekeeping is one of the most difficult crafts. Gaining new knowledge helps to improve and broaden one's horizons.  

During the award ceremony, the head of the Turkish Beekeeping Association said that Arzu Aldemir is an example for other beekeepers, as her apiary produces a significant amount of honey every year. According to him, a woman makes her own contribution to the development of the country's economy.

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