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In the United Arab Emirates decided to be vaccinated with a Chinese vaccine

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 Dubai has suddenly shifted its focus on SARS CoV-2.

In the United Arab Emirates, they announced the expansion of the campaign for blanket vaccination of the country's population since the beginning of February. 

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Curiously, the coronavirus vaccine is now administered with the Chinese vaccine SinoPharm. Earlier, in December 2020, the government announced the start of immunization using the German-British drug  Pfizer-BionTech. 

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It is worth noting that cases of anaphylactic shock to Western medicine have been reported in several countries, with some of those affected having died.

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According to reports, now that the Chinese drug has been received, the Dubai Health Authority has contacted people who pre-registered for vaccination, and also with patients older than 60. Further, all professional categories that are in the high-risk zone received the vaccine.

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Local authorities said that the substance synthesized in the Celestial Empire would most likely effectively fight a new strain of a dangerous virus, discovered in December 2020 in the UK.

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Just over 300,000 people were infected in the UAE as of the end of January.

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