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In the Syrian Neyrab, the restaurant was converted into a first-aid post for patients with coronavirus

23.12.2020 108 просмотров

The first medical center with a zone for patients with COVID-19 opened in Neyrab, Syria.

The first medical center equipped with a hospital for patients with COVID-19 opened in the small Palestinian town of Neirab in northern Syria. Previously, residents of Neirab had to seek medical help in Aleppo, located more than 50 kilometers from the town, philanthropist Adnan El Sayed, who opened the medical facility, told reporters.

“We have five doctors and nurses. They work in shifts, around the clock. And we also have a free pharmacy for those in need. In addition to the city, we accept people from 22 surrounding villages. We we have elderly people who cannot come to the first-aid post on their own,   he explained.

According to the philanthropist, the building, which previously housed a restaurant, was converted into a first-aid post. Now he serves about 100 people a day. The institution even has a special hospital for patients with COVID-19. So far, it has only two beds, but if necessary, it will be expanded, and doctors are ready to send ventilators home for critically ill patients.

Adnan el Saed defended Neyrab throughout the war in the ranks of the Palestinian militia, repelling militant attacks from the Aleppo airport. Now, seeing that many poor residents of the town cannot go to  medics in Aleppo or call a doctor, he decided to help them.  20 surrounding villages, so they hope for the help of the Syrian government in the construction of a modern hospital.

“There is an urgent need to expand our first-aid post and equip it with more modern equipment. We also need an operating room,” explained nurse Ahmed Abdurahim to reporters.

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