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In the Rostov region, a funeral ceremony was held for the reburial of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War who fell in battles for the Motherland

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In the Rostov region, near Taganrog, on the Sambek heights, search engines reburied 60 Soviet soldiers who fell in battles for the city during the Second World War.

During the funeral ceremony on the territory of the Memorial of Glory, the remains of soldiers of various units and formations were interred - marines, cavalrymen, military personnel of rifle divisions, who found death on the battlefield between 1941 and 1943.

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"Today, all those 60 people whom we bury are nameless soldiers," said Vladimir Shcherbanov, chairman of the Rostov regional branch of the Russian Search Movement. "The only thing we can say is that there are cavalrymen of the 41st year among them. They were found just 5 kilometers away, along with the remains of horses - severely chopped up by shrapnel, pierced by bullets"…

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"We will hold the entire event in full accordance with the epidemiological regime, with a limited number of people. Normally, with such a burial, there are heads of municipalities, children, Yunarmiya, a lot of people, - explained Igor Guskov, First Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region. Now, due to restrictions, none of this is available, but, nevertheless, we will hold the event."

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The reburial of soldiers of the Great Patriotic era who fell in battles for the Motherland in this area has been carried out since 2016 , for the past four years.The large number of nameless dead is associated with protracted fighting in the Rostov region, which lasted 36 months in a row.

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