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In the Omsk region, self-isolation of the elderly was canceled

28.03.2022 148 просмотров

Since the beginning of March, the number of hospitalizations of patients with coronavirus in the region has decreased by 10 times.

The authorities of the Omsk region, where the number of hospitalizations of patients with coronavirus has decreased by 10 times since the beginning of March, have canceled the mandatory self-isolation for people over 60 and the restriction on the number of visitors for shopping centers and hypermarkets, the press service of the regional government said on Monday. The mask regime has been extended until April 30.

"We have adopted a number of concessions: remove the restriction that allowed only one person to occupy an area of 4 square meters in shopping centers and hypermarkets; cancel the mandatory leaving for a remote mode of operation; cancel the mandatory self-isolation citizens over 60; lift bans on holding business events in catering establishments and other institutions; reduce the verification load on enterprises and institutions," the press service of the Governor Alexander Burkov quotes.

Masochny the regime has been extended in the region until April 30. "It is important to continue to be vaccinated and revaccinated - this helps to form herd immunity and reduce the incidence rate," the head of the region noted. 194,049 recovered, 4,146 died. According to the Omsk Ministry of Health, 1,165,198 people were vaccinated against COVID-19, of which 885,342 people received both components of the vaccine. The plan for vaccination in the region is 893,602 inhabitants. Since March 1, QR codes have been canceled in the region when visiting public events, cultural institutions and service enterprises.

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