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In the diaries of the chamberlain, Emperor Hirohito appeared from an unexpected side

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This can be judged from fragments of memories that were in the possession of the Kyodo Agency.

Shinobu Kobayashi was Emperor Hirohito's chamberlain for 15 years. In his diary entries, he noted that the Japanese monarch was very worried because he was considered guilty of unleashing hostilities in China and the Pacific Ocean. 

According to an excerpt cited by RIA agency, the emperor sadly remarked: “Why do we need indulgences in work and a long and quiet life, you only see and hear more difficult things. Brothers and relatives face misfortune, they tell me about the responsibility for the war.” These notes of the chamberlain were made in 1987, two years before the death of the emperor. In his diaries, Shinobu Kobayashi notes that Hirohito was also very worried about the death of his brother Prince Takamatsu, who died in February 1987. 

that the emperor did not see anything good in a long life. Researchers attribute this to the fact that in the spring of 1987, a member of the Japanese parliament from the Communist Party of Japan directly accused the monarch of unleashing the war. 

As Big Asia reported, last spring, the Japanese collector of documents about the imperial family, Katsuya Takasu handed memoirs to the Japanese Imperial Court Office Hirohito himself. The document was purchased at an auction in New York and covers the period from 1928 to 1945. By decision of the imperial family, it will soon be published.

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