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In Tashkent, when taking exams for rights, the “human factor” was excluded

06.02.2022 138 просмотров

The exam for rights is taken at the Unified Examination Center in a fully automated mode.

Departments of the Department of Road Safety (RBDD) of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Tashkent have ceased to accept exams for obtaining a driver's license, now they are held in a private examination center, where the knowledge and actions of the driver are assessed by a fully automated system. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic on Friday.

“From February 4, the registration and examination departments of the traffic police of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Tashkent stopped accepting theoretical and practical exams for obtaining a driver's license. From now on, exams without the participation of the human factor, in a fully automated mode, are taken only in the Unified Examination Center, opened the day before by Autodriver Study, ”the report says.

The department clarified that the theoretical exam in the new center takes called a computer simulator, and a practical one is carried out at a modern autodrome equipped with special automated means for evaluating the actions of a driver.

A similar procedure for passing exams for rights will be gradually introduced in the rest of the republic. It is planned that the full transition to the new system should be completed before the end of next year, but for now, in other regions of the country, the previous procedure for passing the exam in the traffic police continues to operate. Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Private licensed driving schools will be able to conduct, without the participation of the "human factor", exams for the right to drive all types of transport, except for trams and trolleybuses.

Speaking at the opening of the Tashkent Unified Examination Center, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan Bekmurod Abdullayev, quoted by the press service, said that his department is ready to increase the number of those who will not be able to pass the exam after the launch of the new system.

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