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In Taiwan, they found a way to diagnose COVID-19 in a few minutes

15.10.2020 209 просмотров

Taiwanese researchers have created a device that detects coronavirus in three minutes.

Researchers from the Taiwanese company Molsentech have created a device that can detect a coronavirus infection in three minutes. As the South China Morning Post reported Thursday, the test machine delivers results quickly thanks to an embedded biochip.

"The big advantage of this semiconductor chip is that it can get a very accurate [test] result in just three minutes", quotes edition of Molsentech Director Chu Jizhong.

The biochip is covered with a special material, which, in the case of the presence of coronavirus ribonucleic acid in the sample, interacts with it and sends the appropriate signal. According to Chu Jiazhong, the entire examination procedure is fully automated, which avoids erroneous positive or negative test results. For analysis, smears from the oropharynx, blood or saliva samples are used.

Chu Jiazhong noted that the device can be used by people who are not experts in laboratory research, since minimal technical knowledge is required to operate the equipment.

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