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In Taiwan, the laying ceremony of the prototype of its own submarine

17.11.2021 92 просмотров

The ceremony was held closed to the press with the participation of the Navy command and the leadership of the shipbuilding corporation CSBC. The venue has not been disclosed.

The laying ceremony of the first prototype of its own submarine took place on Tuesday in Taiwan. This was reported by the central news agency of the island with reference to the naval forces.

The ceremony was held behind closed doors for the press with the participation of the command of the Navy and the leadership of the shipbuilding corporation CSBC. The venue has not been released for privacy reasons.

Taiwan's submarine development program was announced in 2017. The designers were tasked with building eight submarines on their own. Work on the development of the first prototype began a year ago. It should be completed in 2024 and transferred to the Navy in 2025.

The launch of this project is linked to the need to replace Taiwan's outdated submarine fleet. It consists of only four diesel-electric submarines. Of these, only two are actually in operation, built in the Netherlands in the 1980s. The rest are extremely obsolete American Guppy-class, inherited from World War II, they are used as training.

Since 2001, Taiwan has been seeking the possibility of purchasing eight submarines in the United States - from its main supplier of military equipment. However, the American side did not include submarines in the number of weapons approved for delivery to the island. This is opposed by the PRC, which considers Taiwan to be one of its “temporarily breakaway” provinces.

According to observers, Taiwan has no experience in building submarines, and it cannot manage to implement this program without foreign technologies, primarily American ones. . As the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported, Washington agreed to provide Taipei with three types of submarine equipment: digital sonar systems, integrated command and control systems and periscopes.

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