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In Sri Lanka, residents celebrated the New Year in complete self-isolation

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Despite the coronavirus epidemic, the people of Sri Lanka (the old name is Ceylon) celebrate the Sinhalese-Tamil New Year, in Tamil - “Alut Avurudu”.

For the Sri Lankans, this time coincides with the beginning of spring, the mating songs of the local Koha bird and the harvest of paddy rice. The beginning of the holiday weekend is calculated according to the astronomical calendar: the New Year comes when the Sun moves from the constellation Pisces to the constellation Aries.

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The ancient Buddhist temple of Gangarama is located in the city of Colombo. For 120 years now, the sanctuary has been famous for its religious school and rich library, but this year, despite the upcoming holidays, it is unusually deserted here.

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"If you don't see our ancient rites now, it's because everyone took the information very seriously "People are sitting at home, observing the regime of self-isolation. I think this is the only way to stop the global coronavirus pandemic."

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Government has already warned its citizens that it will punish quarantine violators by bringing to administrative responsibility and high which fines. Therefore, 22 million Sri Lankans - overwhelmingly Buddhists - stay at home and, at best, exchange New Year's gifts with their neighbors.

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"First of all, let me wish you all health and once again health in the coming year "Before, when we celebrated the New Year, I wished people material well-being and prosperity, but now health is the most important thing," says Athula Koragoda, director of the school. "After all, the epidemic has affected not only our compatriots, the Sri Lankans, but the whole world." < br>
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The inhabitants of the Sinhalese island prefer to order products through a courier delivery service. As of April 13, only 217 people have been infected with the SARS virus in Sri Lanka, with 7 deaths. The total number of recovered people is 56, and there are no new infections.

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