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In Russia, the COVID-19 disease curve has gone up

24.10.2020 117 просмотров

In Russia, the number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing, but people often do not want to follow epidemiological regulations.

In Russia, on the twentieth of October, an average daily increase in new infected with COVID-19 was registered, exceeding 19 thousand people per day. At the same time, the authorities have repeatedly warned Muscovites, as well as residents of other large cities, that they should not treat the coronavirus with unhealthy fatalism, ignoring the disease according to the principle “If I don’t think about it, I won’t get sick.”

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Thanks to the studies conducted by the AFK Sistema Companies & NBSP; (the world's capacity of the company "System-Biotech forces is produced at the capacities of the Binnofarm plant. "and under the leadership of Natalia Pozdnyakova, it was possible to create a genetic test that will become available to all words of the population no later than January-February of next year. Biologists have found out which people are more at risk of contracting a new dangerous disease. Markers depend not only on age, but also on race and ethnicity. 

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On the other hand, the hysterical reaction of some categories of citizens - especially in youth circles - led to the emergence of a movement of "anti-maskers" who deliberately ignore sanitary and epidemiological regulations.

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Ivan Dementiev, Moscow resident:

"No, I'm not afraid! I use carsharing, I use the subway. When the pandemic began, then maybe I was afraid ... "

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Alexander Vasiliev, resident Moscow:

"I listen to what the authorities say, but on the street it doesn't make much sense to wear a mask, as it were. But in public places and on public transport, I use masks."

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Anti-maskists believe that wearing a mask leads to an increased risk of infection, since on more infectious agents settle in the tissues, and the body weakens due to a lack of oxygen supply to the lungs.

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