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In Russia, not all citizens adhere to a strict regime of self-isolation

29.04.2020 46 просмотров

Despite the strict quarantine ordered by the authorities to combat the coronavirus, residents of the national center for the spread of a dangerous infection - Moscow - are clearly tired of sitting in confinement at home.

The streets of the capital of Russia began to gradually fill up with people, which, unfortunately, is facilitated by good weather and the approaching May holidays.

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In particular, the revival of traffic on the roads is clearly noticeable, up to the appearance of traffic jams on the Third Transport Ring, contrary to the strict rules for issuing electronic passes and heavy fines issued automatically to regime violators.

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"So, as of April 29, 99,939 cases of COVID 19 were registered in Russia in 85 regions. Over the past 24 hours, 5,841 new cases have been detected in 82 regions of the country. Almost 45% of them without clinical manifestations. The largest number of cases of them is in Moscow: 2220 people", - announces the announcer of the Information Center for Monitoring the Situation with Coronavirus. 

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According to the self-isolation level index proposed by Yandex, quarantine is observed satisfactorily if this indicator is at least three. On April 29, this value was 2.9. Full compliance with all measures - the absence of people and traffic on the roads corresponds to numbers from 4 to 5 on a scale. 

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Meanwhile, Rospotrebnadzor has already warned Russians about the introduction of new service rules in the public catering system even after the quarantine has been lifted. We are talking about maintaining social distance in the queue and between the client and the seller, as well as the location of tables in cafes and restaurants at a distance of at least one meter. It also became known about the schedule for the phased opening of various establishments. 

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So, officials believe that cafes and restaurants with a small retail area of no more than 50 square meters, designed for a maximum of 5 small tables, should be allowed to operate first. The use of disposable tableware is becoming a de facto mandatory rule.

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