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In Russia, doctors and teachers voluntarily went to be vaccinated against coronavirus

13.10.2020 35 просмотров

Russia has begun mass vaccination against COVID-19 for representatives of professions at risk.

Two hundred kilometers northwest of Moscow, in the city of Tver, 200 doctors decided to become the first volunteers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus using the new Russian vaccine Sputnik-V.

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Sergei Evgenievich Kozlov, chief physician of the Regional Clinical Hospital, Tver:

"Everything is done voluntarily. Now they have suggested that those who get sick are the most likely to be vaccinated. Those who work with already infected patients, that is, where the aerosol concentration of the virus is very high.And of course, this is not done so that they work without a protective kit, but so that they feel more protected.Vaccination still gives protection from a live virus.

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We recruited enough young volunteers to be no older than 40, maximum fifty. concomitant diseases, because the vaccination itself does not yet have a statute of limitations, that is, a verification period.In Moscow and in all cities, the third stage of clinical ical tests. Therefore, whether it will cause coronavirus disease in vaccinated people or not is still not entirely clear. Therefore, they took young people, who, even if they get sick with a coronavirus infection, should endure it quite easily. /medialibrary/0d5/0d57edb2ebfb38c664a4a914050f4eda.png" height="560" title="Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 12.32.08.png"> 

- Please tell me it was not scary to get vaccinated



- I don't! Me neither!

- Do you think the vaccine will work?

- We really hope so. I'm sure it will work.


The decision to mass vaccinate medical workers on a voluntary basis was made by the Ministry of Health of Russia in connection with a sharp surge in the incidence COVID -19 Curiously, vaccinations for doctors and teachers are not part of the mandatory program of the so-called third phase of vaccine trials, which takes place independently of the voluntary vaccination of these two professional categories.

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