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In Russia, coronavirus is losing ground, and doctors are preparing a vaccine for mass vaccinations

01.09.2020 96 просмотров

Russians are slowly developing herd immunity to COVID 19.

In Russia, the number of people infected with coronavirus exceeded one million on September 1. The Ministry of Health of the country notes a steady decline in mortality from COVID 19. On the other hand, the number of Russians who have already had the disease has exceeded a third. Thus, in the country, to a large extent, herd immunity has already been developed.

Lyubov Arushanova, resident of Moscow:

"I managed the pandemic as expected. My age is 65+. I get vaccinated every year. I heard that it seems that adults are not vaccinated against COVID 19. But I try to take precautions: I wear a mask ... my children live very far away. I would really like to dive there! I miss you already!"



Denis Maksimov, Moscow resident:

"We believe in the vaccine. As a Russian, I want to believe that we made it first in the world and that it is quite reliable. I, in general, I am suspicious of any vaccination, so I don’t think to get vaccinated. I think to strengthen the body with traditional methods - run, play sports and eat healthy food ... "

Russian doctors have begun the third, final stage of testing the vaccine on thousands volunteers both in Russia and abroad.

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