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In Russia, a decision was made: animals should not suffer from COVID-19

30.05.2021 98 просмотров

"Bats won't get through!". For caudates, our veterinarians have released a special vaccine.

Russia is the only country in the world where not only people, but even animals are now vaccinated against coronavirus.

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Yulia Melano, head of the veterinary and sanitary control service of the Rosselkhoznadzor:

"Vaccination of pets against COVID-19 has begun. The day before, a batch of the world's first vaccine called "Cornivac-Cov", which was developed by our Russian scientists of the Rosselkhoznadzor. Those strains of the virus that we observe - in particular, British, Brazilian, Indian - all of them, according to scientists, occurred during interspecies transmission of the virus. 

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Accordingly, a vaccine to prevent the disease in animals also works to prevent the disease in humans. And now we are working on registering the vaccine in European Union: Poland, Germany and Hungary have an active position here. wow, we had several rounds of negotiations with Thailand, Japan, Malaysia. Literally tomorrow, negotiations will take place regarding the possibility of registering our vaccine with Peru."

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Registration of COVID-19 Vaccine for Brothers the smaller one was produced in our country back in March this year.

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