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In Pakistan, the authorities staged a transport collapse

09.05.2021 42 просмотров

Islamabad does not want to let citizens celebrate Eid al-Adha.

In Pakistan, despite the festive period of the end of the holy month of Ramadan, the authorities decided to once again tighten the quarantine aimed at curbing the coronavirus and stop transport links around the country to prevent the spread of the infection. Such measures caused massive discontent among citizens. 

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Mohammad Noman, store security guard, Islamabad:

"People all flocked to the markets. "Thank God, there are many buyers, and trade is flourishing. But people are not taking precautionary measures. Everyone knows that the government decided to introduce quarantine, that's why people rushed to the market to overstock. And everyone wanted to spit on epidemiological rules. We, of course, We constantly remind citizens to wear masks and maintain social distance, but people just don't pay the slightest attention to it."

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Imran Shodhri, city traffic controller:

"The government should have maintained rail and bus traffic across the country. The authorities could well tell the transport workers to continue serving the routes even with half the freight containers, subject to sanitary measures. Then public transport would continue to run, and people would not have all these problems. Instead, today transport communication is stopped. People know about it, rush to get to their destination and forget about the need to follow the epidemiological rules."

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Khurum Shahzad, bus driver:

"Don't do it to cope with the coronavirus? The question is: where are the vaccines? Why aren't we vaccinated? Let's vaccinate everyone and end the epidemic! No! Instead, we are being asked to stay at home! And I don't think this is a solution at all!"

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Imran Khalid, Vendor, Lahore:

"The entire Eid al-Fitra holiday period lasts 4-5 days. The busiest time for trading. And they introduce quarantine! They killed our holiday and deprived us of profit! And how then should poor people like me live?"

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Pakistan had just over 850,000 cases of COVID-19 as of early May and fewer than 19,000 deaths over the entire epidemic. The population of the country is more than 223 million people. The main causes of adult death are coronary heart disease and cancer.

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