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In Pakistan, recovering doctors have a better understanding of patients

29.06.2020 75 просмотров

In Hindu hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, a COVID-19-recovered nurse, Unzala Erum, began, she said, to better understand the problems faced by patients in complete isolation in the infectious diseases departments, often deprived of any connection with the world.

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"For the first time I understood what a person experiences when he is deprived of the opportunity to contact his family and loved ones," said nurse Unzala Erum. my cell phone. But we usually take it away from ordinary patients, and visits by relatives in the intensive care service are prohibited. So now I have promised myself that I will be more attentive to the needs of patients and will do my best to convey news from them to my relatives. "

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Unlike severe patients, Unzala was not hospitalized: she was ill at home and could read and even borrow with music. Most of all, during her illness, she was afraid of infecting her parents. A Pakistani nurse learned from her own experience that physical infirmity can teach a person an important lesson: we are all not only mortal, but, regardless of our social status and position, we are mortal suddenly. 

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We are also equal before the disease . Therefore, in fact, the most important thing on earth is the simplest human joys - love and communication with loved ones, life in the family circle, relative health and general well-being. Perhaps, the nurse argues, the coronavirus was sent as a warning to us all, to bring people together and teach them modesty and solidarity.

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