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In Orenburg, the construction of a new hospital is nearing completion

22.04.2020 106 просмотров

In connection with the planetary pandemic of the coronavirus, declared by the World Health Organization, a government program for the construction of infectious diseases hospitals has been launched on a large scale in Russia.

16 new medical centers designed for 1600 beds are being built everywhere - from Kamchatka to the western borders. One of the largest projects of clinics to fight SARS will be a complex in Orenburg, where the construction of a box of a modular prefabricated building on the territory of a military hospital in Kommunarov Lane was launched on March 20. A month later, the work is nearing completion. 

Orenburg Hospital 4.jpg

Currently, energy communications are being laid and internal ceilings are being built. More than 500 people and 30 pieces of heavy equipment are involved in the site.

Orenburg Hospital 2.jpg

The hospital has 60 beds. The building will be put into operation before April 30, although such structures are usually erected at least 10 months in advance.

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