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In North Ossetia, they began to improve the living conditions of the local population

08.05.2018 80 просмотров

The administration of Alania (Republic of North Ossetia) decided to urgently improve the living conditions of 30 families living in rural areas.

Speaking at a meeting of the local government, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic, Kazbek Vaziyev, achieved a decision to provide emergency assistance to young families and professionals living in the countryside.

According to the decision, a total of 23 million 247 thousand rubles will be allocated in 2018. Part of that $16 million is to help provide housing for skilled workers who choose not to move to the city. In total, the government intends to build and purchase 1,863 square meters of living space, which will be distributed among those in need. 

The funds will be used under the state program for the development of agriculture and the regulation of agricultural products, raw materials and food markets, designed for 2013 -2020 years. In 2017, such measures have already helped 24 families. 

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