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In North Korea, citizens were subjected to total disinfection

07.08.2020 49 просмотров

In the DPRK, measures to combat coronavirus were further strengthened, despite the absence of infected

The government of North Korea ordered the start of mass disinfection of Pyongyang. Employees dressed in red hazmat suits began processing from the central supermarket and the subway.

In late July, the city announced the closure of the border with the Republic of Korea due to fears of the spread of the coronavirus. 3,635 citizens of the country who had contact with the only infected person identified in the DPRK during the entire pandemic in the city of Kaesong are in quarantine. A 24-year-old man illegally crossed the border between the North and South of the peninsula. 

At the beginning of August, doctors were not sure if he had coronavirus, but still decided to put him under strict isolation. In Kaesong, by decision of the leader of the nation, Kim Jong-un, a state of emergency has been introduced. It is closed to visitors, and there is a curfew on the streets.

The country's sewing enterprises are massively sewing protective masks, and an expanded production of disinfectants has already been launched in the field of household chemicals. In addition, at the session of the Supreme People's Assembly, which approves the budget for the next year, health care costs were increased by almost 7.5 percent.

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