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In Moscow, the authorities decided to completely disinfect the entire city

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In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the roads of the capital of Russia are treated with special solutions up to three times a day.

For disinfection from coronavirus, not just water is used, but shampoo and special chlorine-containing solutions. Not only overpasses are subjected to total processing, but also the spaces between houses, sidewalks and underground passages. Special attention is paid to parking spaces and entrances to hospitals.

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The general disinfection prescribed by doctors is not something exceptional for Moscow. Even without the coronavirus epidemic, the streets of the Mother See are regularly shampooed. Due to COVID-19, a complete cleaning of all urban spaces is being carried out at least once a week. 

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Meanwhile, the mayor's office said it was ready to increase the frequency of this sanitary measure if necessary. In total, more than 70,000 public utilities workers and 4,500 units of special equipment are engaged in disinfection.

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Thanks to all the measures taken by the authorities, the mortality rate in Russia remains one of the lowest among developed countries. So, as of April 24, 592 patients died from SARS, 324 of them in Moscow. In total, 62,500 people have been infected in our country, of which 33,500 are registered in the capital.

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