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In Kuwait, the process of "Kuwaitization" of working personnel is nearing completion

09.02.2022 158 просмотров

Kuwait plans to completely oust foreign personnel in state institutions by August.

Kuwait plans to completely replace the foreign workforce with emirate nationals in state institutions by August this year. This was reported on Tuesday by the Al-Anba newspaper. Foreigners will only be able to work as teachers, health workers and service personnel.

In 2017, the Civil Service Commission decided the need to gradually reduce the number of non-Kuwaiti employees in government structures. The process of "Kuwaitization" of the working personnel was planned to be completed within five years.

Almost 3.5 million foreigners working in Kuwait out of the country's total population of 4.6 million people. In recent months, calls have been increasingly heard in the country demanding to limit the employment of foreigners against the background of the negative economic consequences from the novel coronavirus pandemic, which this emirate in the Persian Gulf is now experiencing.

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