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In Korea, Protestant congregations gather together in cars

06.04.2020 180 просмотров

The Presbyterian Church of the Republic of Korea is using every opportunity to maintain the closest contacts with the flock despite the rampant pandemic.

It was this Protestant denomination that was the first to conduct online services on the Web. And now the pastors have come up with a wonderful initiative that allows believers to comply with all quarantine rules, but still come to the service: parishioners come to Mass in their own car.

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"TV, of course, allows me to communicate with the church and God, but I don't see other parishioners," says Wang Yong-sook, a member of the Presbyterian congregation. Now I'm happy and very excited about this new opportunity to connect and be together!"

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The service takes place in the open air in front of rows of stopped cars. Thus, the head of the community sees people, and they have the opportunity of live communication. The sermon is delivered by the pastor through a microphone.

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The Seoul Presbyterian Church has about 500 members who regularly attended services before the coronavirus pandemic. Now about 150 cars with 300 Christians come to the service. The Republic of Korea Infectious Diseases Surveillance Service found the measures taken by protesters to combat the coronavirus satisfactory and permitted public worship.

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At the beginning of April, the number of infected people in the Republic of Korea exceeded 10,000. 183 patients died, 300 recovered.

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