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In Korea, believers gather again for services

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In the Republic of Korea, since April 26, church services have resumed, open to the laity.

Due to the improvement of the epidemiological situation, the government has lifted restrictions on worship.

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Seoul's largest Protestant organization "Onnuri Church", active in proselytism and with more than 50,000 members, reopened its doors to believers. From Korean "Onnuri" is translated as "all nations". The organization is also present in Russia.

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"I hope that now we can once again hold services and gather together safely, provided that we follow the rules - scanning QR codes, maintaining social distance, checking personal information about believers. And I also really hope that the epidemic will end soon," says professed Christian Ha Jin Gun.

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The central prayer house of the Onnuri sect is designed for 3,000 believers. Currently, due to sanitary restrictions imposed by the government, pastors have limited the number of parishioners, allowing no more than 700 believers to serve.

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