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In Kolyma, all peoples become brothers

17.06.2019 153 просмотров

In Magadan, on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Russia, local residents staged a real multi-ethnic holiday.

People of various nationalities gathered in the square of the 70th anniversary to celebrate the "Territory of Friendship" festival. This year has become an anniversary, as the festival is held for the tenth time. Residents hurried to offer each other national dishes, enjoy a fine day together and dance. 

All day long, right on the sidewalks, there were tables with treats of various culinary traditions - Russian, Buryat, German, Ukrainian, Tatar, Georgian, Armenian, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz and Bashkir.

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Festival in Kolyma. Photo: MagadanMedia

The city administration has prepared a concert for Magadan residents. In addition, the townspeople could visit the exhibition of historical weapons and national costumes. On the streets of the city was seen the governor of the region Sergei Nosov. He greeted the townspeople and joined in the celebration.

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