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In Khakassia, they began urgent road repairs

17.04.2018 176 просмотров

In early April, a decision was made to urgently repair and improve a number of roads in the Ust-Abakansky district of Khakassia. 

Large-scale measures concern 25 kilometers of roads and streets located in the area of the settlements  Chapaevo, Teplichny, Zelenoe and Rastsvet. 

The information was shared by Deputy Head of the Republic A.Novoselov, responsible for the repair. In order to prevent the streets and roads from flooding during floods, the roadbed must be raised by more than half a meter, the republican official believes. 

Meanwhile, the deadlines for commissioning the facilities have already been scheduled. According to experts, they still need 4-5 days to complete the emergency cycle of the first stage, after which it will be about improving the characteristics of the road surface. In total, more than 40 units of special equipment are involved in the action. 

The emergency state of communication lines is associated with a record amount of snow that fell in the region at the end of this winter. This, in turn, led to an unusually high flood and, as a result, the destruction of the road surface on problematic sections of the roads of the Republic. 

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