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In Japan, as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, they decided to start the fight against smoking

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new smoke-free law has come into force in Tokyo. The Land of the Rising Sun decided to follow the example of the vast majority of developed countries and limit the use of cigarettes in public places.

Such a change in course is associated with the coronavirus pandemic, which primarily affects the lungs. For obvious reasons, smokers are at increased risk.

"I'm probably going to get this virus. I'm almost sure of it ... But I can't do anything with myself ... I smoked and I will continue to smoke!" - admits heavy smoker Ryo Okumura.

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At first, the Japanese government decided to create special areas for smokers in restaurants. Curiously, the law sees no difference between an ordinary cigarette and a so-called electronic vape, which can use a pure nicotine cartridge and 31 other substances hazardous to health.

"The law we passed is a half measure, - says Shigefumi Matsuzawa, adviser to the Japanese government on smoking issues. "We had to make numerous compromises with the opposite side and negotiate. For example, we agreed not to touch small restaurants that represent a cross section of a family business. Such establishments simply do not have the technical ability to equip a separate room for smokers."

In fact, the regulation was adopted back in 2018. But it took 2 years to go live.

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About half of the total adult population smoked in Japan half a century ago. Among other things, the problem is complicated by the fact that traditionally Tokyo is considered one of the few megacities that are as tolerant as possible to smoking. Now everything has changed. But the tobacco lobby also represents state interests, since the largest supplier of cigarettes to the market, Japan Tobacco, belongs to the state and deducts a very substantial amount as a tax to the income of the Japanese national treasury. Now a pack of 20 cigarettes costs no more than $4 in Tokyo.

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