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In Israel, the government is fighting for an urgent exit from the pandemic

28.12.2020 96 просмотров

Another total quarantine has paralyzed life in the country.

In Israel, on December 27, another - and as the authorities hope - the last quarantine due to the coronavirus began. According to analysts' calculations, the country may leave the red zone of a permanent pandemic by March 2021.


Tali Friedman, Chairman of the Mahane Yehuda Traders Committee, Jerusalem:

"Every time the country declares a quarantine, the number of customers is reduced by 80%. So the time of the lockdown is a very difficult test for all business owners."


Batseva Fishman, municipal employee:

"We came to buy shoes. I managed to get two pairs because everything closes at 5 pm. Here I am and hurried. After all, then for about a month all the stores will be closed. We will have to do without everything that we love and are used to. This is very sad. Especially since this will be the third quarantine since the beginning of the pandemic. And I really hope that he will be the last."


Alon Shani, chain shoe store owner:

"We lost a lot of money. We had to close the row Stores.Our turnover has dropped by half compared to last year.And now we don't even know if we can keep trading through normal stores, because no one knows what will happen next.It is completely unknown whether they will close or open outlets.We have to take serious risks , since we do not know whether there will be support from the government at all and what form it will take. But we hope that help from the authorities will still be provided to us."


Israel began mass vaccination of the population a week before it started in the European Community. Now at least 70,000 vaccinations are made here every day. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that by January 1, he hopes to raise the number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 to 150,000 per day. Medical stations are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

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