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In Indonesia, not all students have access to the Internet

15.09.2020 132 просмотров

In Indonesia, millions of students continue to study online.

In Indonesia, after the onset of quarantine due to the coronavirus, all educational institutions were closed. But it wasn't until this happened that it became clear for the first time that millions of people living in rural areas do not have access to the Internet, and therefore their children are not able to continue their education.


Then volunteers got down to business, regularly going around the most remote villages from civilization to provide children with access to the mobile Internet through a router installed on the car. At the same time, the volunteers offered the children to clean the neighborhoods of settlements from plastic garbage, which, as you know, has become a real scourge in Southeast Asia.


Dimas Anwar Putra, 15, student:

"Collecting plastic bottles is like doing something charitable. It's good. And then We still have free access to the Internet.


Ying Solikhin, volunteer, head of waste collection organization:

We cannot expand the boundaries of the service. Therefore, this week, for example, they will have only 3 days of access to the Internet - otherwise they will use up everything again, which means they will not be able to study."


Dafa Maheza Sudirman, 14 years old, student:

"When you study online, the problem is that you have to have your own phone. And I don't have mine - I take my parents' phone when they're at home."


For 1 kilogram of plastic waste, two students get the right to access the Internet for 3 hours, 3 times a week. “School Volunteers”, as the volunteers in Indonesia have already been called, not only provide access to Wi-Fi, but also distribute mobile phones and laptops to everyone who wants to study.


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