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In India, they will build a school where children will be taught to be happy

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In India, near Chennai (a city in the south of the country), they plan to create an innovative boarding school, Riverbend. The educational institution will prioritize the happiness and emotional intelligence of the students.

About the new school, the construction of which should begin at the end of 2018 and be completed in 2020, told the portal Inhabitat.

The founders of the school, a division of SPI Incubator (parent company - SPI Group, has a diversified structure in the infrastructure of entertainment and hospitality industry in South India) believe that great achievements and great destinies are built on the basis of emotional intelligence and personal happiness - which, in their opinion, is overlooked in traditional education. 

The company's initiative is aimed at developing a new philosophy in education that will enable children to better realize their potential, be happy, purposeful, compassionate and make a positive contribution to the development of the world.

Building initiators  believe that true happiness comes from relationships. And because personal relationships are strongest in villages, Kurani architecture studio modeled the location of the campus on the example of a village.

"The school is centered around a public square and has spaces for learning, play, reflection and farming. open pavilions, residential buildings - encourages communication," the studio explains.

Preparing for standardized tests will not be part of the curriculum. Students will be provided with a wide range of subjects, and they will be able to study topics of their choice, whether it is programming a launch vehicle or reading poetry at a seminar on classical Indian literature. The teaching staff will serve as mentors who will teach students to live happy lives based on resources such as ancient Hindu texts.

The team is currently looking for ways to combine Indian educational standards with their innovative approach. "This school is not for everyone," admits co-founder Vivek Reddy, noting that not all parents will like this approach. The school plans to create a structure that will study its effectiveness.

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