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In India, people go for a coronavirus vaccination as a holiday

12.04.2021 101 просмотров

Narendra Modi decided to vaccinate the whole country.

Vaccination against coronavirus is proceeding at an accelerated pace in India. Since January of this year, more than 100 million patients have received the vaccine.

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Jai Prakash, Mayor of North Delhi:

"From 11 to 14 April we celebrate , which we called "Vaccination Festival" - Tika Utsav. It will take place throughout the country. This is how we responded to the call of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

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As part of this event, I will visit all the vaccination centers in my area of responsibility and congratulate the people who received the injection.First of all, we are talking about social workers and workers in the medical sector, as well as everyone else working to ensure that citizens have access to vaccination. example".

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The peculiar form of public presentation of the medical procedure corresponds to the long psychological tradition of the Indian people and involves people in a mass event, creating the right mood. India is consistently ranked among the first places in the world in terms of infection with a new infection. At the same time, the number of deaths from COVID-19 in this country is extremely low.

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