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In India, COVID-19 failed to prevent spouses

07.12.2020 44 просмотров

Indian newlyweds have entered into an alliance under the watchful eye of the medical staff.

In India, in the state of Rajasthan, a young couple didn't let the coronavirus ruin their wedding plans. Although the young one turned out to be infected, she and her betrothed decided to still marry, wearing chemical protection suits, on the territory of the medical center and under the supervision of personnel dressed in biological protection suits.


Rajendra Meena, Deputy Head of Health Department, Baran District (Rajasthan):

"We checked this whole family, that is, not only the bride, but also her closest relatives. As a result, they all turned out to be infected, and the bride found out about it on the morning of her wedding. After that, we talked both with the relatives of the spouses and with them. We also contacted As a result, the young people agreed to get married right in the quarantine center of our state, refusing the usual ceremony in such cases and observing all marriage ceremonies.


It is noteworthy that the priest who conducted the wedding was also dressed in a suit of increased protection. There were no guests at the ceremony, although the parents of the newlyweds received the right to celebrate the happy event with their children.

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