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In Dubai, a French athlete set a record for high-speed ascent on a jet wing

18.02.2020 116 просмотров

French athlete Vince Reffet flew a jet wing over Dubai.

The whole structure consists of a carbon fiber triangular frame and 4 mini-jet propulsion units suspended from below. The daredevil put on a projectile and soared up, rising at the speed of a rocket to a height of 1800 meters above sea level.

UAE Flyer 1.jpg

Reffay proved that the apparatus was completely under his control, initially descending to a height of 5 meters and turning 360 degrees around his own axes. After that, he sharply picked up acceleration, swept over the bay and went up like a candle to the sun rising in the sky. At the same time, the ascent rate was up to 100 meters for every 8 seconds, and the entire flight lasted approximately 3 minutes. At the maximum height achievable for the wing, the Frenchman performed a coup in the air, after which he opened his parachute, as he ran out of fuel.

UAE Flyer 2.jpg

The portable aircraft allows the flyer to accelerate to a speed of 400 kilometers per hour, hover in the air and perform figures aerobatics. The safety of the athlete was guaranteed by a pyrotechnic automatic parachute opening system at a certain height. Before setting his record, Reffe made about 50 test flights.

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Now the French team, led by a brave athlete, wants to improve their performance - to make a new ascent to a height without using a parachute to land.
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