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In Cyprus, the fourth dose of vaccination of elderly citizens has started

12.04.2022 98 просмотров

Vaccination centers in the country are open six days a week, excluding Sundays.

From Monday, vaccination centers in Cyprus began to vaccinate people over 70 years of age with the fourth dose of coronavirus drugs, as well as the most vulnerable categories of citizens. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus informed about this on Monday.

"As part of the work to strengthen the immunity of population groups most vulnerable to serious diseases, the Ministry of Health informs that from Monday, April 11, 2022, the fourth dose of the vaccine, which is a booster , is being administered at open-access vaccination centers in all provinces [of the island],” the agency said in a statement. living or working in nursing homes and closed structures; patients with immunodeficiency or immunosuppression.

Vaccination of these individuals with a fourth dose is possible only if at least five months have passed since the third, also a booster, dose.

Vaccination centers in Cyprus are open six days a week, excluding Sundays.

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