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In China, they came up with a new way of greeting

03.03.2020 95 просмотров

Out of fear of contracting the coronavirus, the people of Wuhan came up with a safe method.

Many have replaced the usual hugs with tapping their feet. The Chinese came up with this way of greeting in the city where the outbreak began.

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that this gesture at a meeting demonstrates the human ability to adapt. And others liked the “footshake” so much. Now many people jokingly prefer to greet their friends in this way.

Calls not to shake hands are posted all over China. So, billboards appeared in Beijing. As a sign of greeting, it is recommended to put your palms together.

In other countries, experts suggest, when greeting, just look intently into the eyes, or touch the interlocutor with your elbows, or wave your hand.

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