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In China, the coronavirus is slowly but surely receding

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The situation in Hubei province, the epicenter of the spread of SARS, is steadily improving, according to the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China.

Snapshot of an elderly patient on a gurney and a doctor watching the sunrise , became symbolic in the Celestial Empire. Chinese citizens hope that the disease will soon finally subside.

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"The condition of most of the patients is clearly improving," says Dr. Liu Kai, a staff member of Song Ya-Tsen Hospital, Fudan University Hospital. about 30 people left the hospital. Patients want to see the sunrise not from the window of the hospital room. Figuratively speaking, we all have a long night behind us."

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According to the operational information summary, more than 1660 people were discharged from hospitals in Wuhan, and more than 4,200 have been successfully quarantined. The total number of severe cases of pneumonia has decreased to 225 people. An elderly couple who managed to cope with the disease notes that they are touched by the sincere care that doctors have surrounded their patients with. 

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It is noteworthy that the doctors managed to get out even a hundred-year-old man who spent in the intensive care unit about two weeks and has already received permission to continue treatment at home.

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Newspaper photo "People's Daily"

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