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In China, schoolchildren and students returned to their desks

07.09.2020 117 просмотров

In China, as the epidemic eases, schools and universities are gradually returning to full-time education.

In China, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a decision was made to relax the quarantine regime due to the general improvement in the epidemiological situation in China. 

First of all, this affected schools and universities, where students, following Beijing, were able to return to the normal in-person acquisition process knowledge.


Wang Mengze, Student:

comrades also passed the test. Therefore, we are now comfortable learning. "


Yu Yongchao, party organizer of the university:

"The campus has several protection loops against coronavirus at once: this is temperature measurement at the entrance, a medical room with the possibility of additional testing , as well as 2 beds in the isolation ward, where medical personnel are also on duty."

Chinese sociologists note that schools have accumulated considerable stocks of masks and gloves. No new cases of COVID 19 have been observed in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since August 16.


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