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In China, pets receive rewards for complying with the lockdown

14.04.2022 45 просмотров

Photos of cats and dogs honored for their commendable behavior during the lockdown in various Chinese cities flooded the Chinese segment of the Internet and local social networks.

“To the little hero of resistance to COVID-19,” is written on the certificates, which are the pride of the owners of four-legged pets who have distinguished themselves in the fight against the pandemic. Beijing's Zhongguo Jibao newspaper reported on Tuesday about a British Shorthair cat named Fu Zai who spent 20 days in a pet center in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, South China, during his owner's forced stay at the observation point.

“Dear Fu Zai, due to your excellent behavior at the pet center, your patience in examining, feeding, walking, and other tasks, and for your help in overcoming the pandemic, the organizing committee decided to award you the title of “Little Pandemic Fighting Hero” “, which is confirmed by this certificate,” the document says. In conclusion, it is expressed confidence that the cat will continue to be a healthy and happy “little brother” of people. In addition to the certificate, Fu Zai also received a package of tasty and healthy cat food.

A post about the exemplary cat on Weibo instantly gained a lot of likes and received over ten thousand comments, which the owner had to respond to.

As the omicron strain spreads in China, pet centers are being opened in more and more cities and provinces. Chinese authorities registered 28,038 cases of coronavirus infection over the past day, which was a new maximum for the pandemic. This is evidenced by data published on Wednesday by the State Committee for Hygiene and Health of the People's Republic of China.

Meanwhile, some Chinese veterinarians consider the risk of transmission of a new coronavirus from pets to owners insignificant. This point of view is shared by the researcher Bu Zhigao from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, whose opinion is quoted by Zhongguo Ribao.

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