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In China, COVID-19 is defeated

24.05.2020 115 просмотров

Doctors of the Celestial Empire are hunting for the coronavirus, which has finally lost its positions in the country.

The Chinese medical authorities reported that as of May 23 and 24, there were no new cases of patients admitted to clinics in the Chinese mainland, as well as no deaths from COVID-19. It looks like the coronavirus has finally lost ground.

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For the same period of time, only 2 new cases were detected in the PRC that did not entail hospitalization - one of them brought from abroad was found in Shanghai, the second was discovered during analyzes in the province Qilin.

At the same time, more than 250 people received the right to leave the observation regime (previously they had contact with the sick, but did not get sick themselves), and 3 more people were healed and left the hospital.

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In total, more than 1,700 patients came to China from abroad during the entire period of the SARS epidemic. All were successfully localized and isolated in a timely manner. The total number of cases of SARS-CoV-2 did not exceed 83 thousand. According to the Chinese Ministry of Health, 4,634 patients have died.

It should be noted that Chinese doctors are showing commendable vigilance - for example, in the twentieth of May, another 28 people were sent to hospitals with suspected coronavirus, but a few days later no one of these, the causative agent of SARS was not identified.

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