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In Chechnya, the plan for vaccination against COVID-19 was completed by 94.4%

21.01.2022 104 просмотров

According to the chairman of the government of the region, Muslim Khuchiev, despite the increase in the number of infected people, the situation in the republic remains stable.

More than 715 thousand residents of the Chechen Republic were vaccinated against coronavirus, the immunization plan was completed by 94.4%. This was announced to journalists on Thursday by the chairman of the government of the regionMuslim Khuchiev.

“Today, more than 715,000 people have been vaccinated in the region with the first component of the coronavirus vaccine, which is 94.4% of the total number of people to be vaccinated. This is the result of large-scale measures aimed at intensifying sanitary and educational activities to prevent the spread of coronavirus and promoting the importance of vaccination among the population,” said Muslim Khuchiev.

According to him, despite the increase in the number infected, the situation in the republic remains stable. “The healthcare system is on full alert in case of deterioration. A stock of medicines and personal protective equipment has been created in hospitals, 510 beds have been deployed. In case the epidemiological situation worsens, 1,750 beds are ready to deploy without prejudice to planned medical care,” the Prime Minister added.

Earlier it was reported that the first case of infection with the Omicron coronavirus strain was confirmed in Chechnya. According to the latest data, 32,244 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the region, or 1.8% of all tests conducted, including 159 new cases per day. Since the beginning of the pandemic in the region, 30,065 people have recovered and been taken off medical observation with repeated negative test results, 979 people have died.

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