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In Beijing, 73,537 people were vaccinated against COVID-19 in the first 2 days of vaccination

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In the first two days of the new year, 73,537 people were vaccinated in Beijing, and none of them had serious adverse reactions. 

This was stated by the official representative of the Beijing Health Commission Gao Xiaojun today, January 3, at a press conference in Beijing.

On January 1, Beijing began vaccinating people included in nine key groups, which include inspectors working with cold logistics products, people working or studying abroad, doctors, community workers, customs and quarantine officers, workers in the international and domestic transport industry, etc. For the vaccination campaign in the city, 220

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"During January 1-2, a total of 73,537 vaccinations were administered in Beijing, and no serious adverse reactions were reported," said Gao Xiaojun.

Also on the Beijing Supplement for health tracking have been connected Free online platforms to help locals keep track of their vaccination status.

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"We launched the COVID-19 vaccination command and control platform and the vaccination management platform, connecting them to the Beijing Jiankangbao Health App for sharing information about a person. Those who have received their first dose of the vaccine will be able to find their status in the "book medical services and submit a request" tab in the Jiankangbao app. It will indicate that the first dose has already been received. After receiving the second vaccination, the status will be changed to "vaccination completed," a spokesman for the health commission said.

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In Beijing, the COVID-19 vaccination program is planned to be implemented in two phases. By the Spring Festival 2021 (mid-February), emergency vaccination will be carried out for nine key groups of people, and all residents of the city who are not included in the above groups will receive vaccinations after the Spring Festival.

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