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In Bangladesh, private workers help the state to transport patients

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In Bangladesh, during the coronavirus period, private ambulances belonging to various companies also came to the aid of the state emergency service.

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< br> "The ambulance service is one of the most important components of our MES system," said Mohammad Tabarak Ulla, Deputy Inspector General of Bangladesh Police. thousands of such vehicles registered throughout our state, 490 of them operating in metropolitan Dhaka are exclusively engaged in the delivery of patients with COVID-19.

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Mohammad Ghulam Mustafa, President of the Ambulance Owners Association - Of these, 3,000 work in Dhaka. and the ambulance should dial 999. Wherever the call comes from, we will definitely send our car there immediately."

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The state ambulance service has no more than 500 units, so the authorities simply cannot do without attracting private ambulances. The price for a private ambulance service is $1.20 per kilometer within Dhaka city and $1.00 per kilometer nationwide.

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