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Ice sculpture festival was held in the Murmansk region

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The participants were representatives of a dozen regions of Russia.

They created entire galleries, despite the almost 30-degree frost. As Maria Vasilyeva, deputy director of the Snow Village project, told TASS, the results of the Snow Ice competition were summed up in Kirovsk, and the Crazy Saw ice sculpture blitz competition was held.

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“It was very cold, but neither the masters nor the spectators, the festival turned out to be exciting and beautiful” , - said Vasilyeva.

The sculptors spent several days creating compositions from snow cubes 3 meters high. The winner of the festival was the team of Matvey Vavaev and Sergey Nikolaev from Yekaterinburg with the sculpture "Doesn't bite".

5 teams gathered at the Crazy Saw competition in Kirovsk. They had to carve pictures from the ice walls measuring 2 by 3 meters. Ivan Loktyukhin from Khabarovsk and Elena Timofeeva from Petrozavodsk won with the composition "Northern Flamenco".

Both contests have been held since 2011. They became a continuation of the Snow Village project. This is a structure that is created entirely from snow and ice, with halls, corridors, patterns, bas-reliefs and sculptures.

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