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Ice Sculpture Festival to be held on Lake Baikal

20.01.2020 78 просмотров

The event in the village of Listvyanka will be the sixth in a row.

The annual action called “#Live_on_Baikal” will take place in February. The festival is attracting more and more locals and visitors to the region. 

Baikal, Abrau and Ritsa hit 
to the top of the most picturesque places
2020 is a significant date, so the organizers decided to call this year the Year of Life on Baikal, which is what the festival will be dedicated to. 

the symbol of the holiday will be a three-meter forged larch, after which the village is named. It is one of the most popular and visited places on Baikal. 

Traditionally, the largest natural skating rink in the world will operate. In 2018, in the Year of Love on Baikal, a platform was created in the shape of a heart. In 2019 - in the form of the sun, and this year they will depict a symbol of the free sky - a balloon, on which a luminous phrase will be written on the ice: "Baikal - the Great Lake of the Great Country." 

A Siberian forest will grow around the ice rink ice and wood. All sculptures are interactive. The main event will take place on February 23rd. Guests will be presented with ice and wooden sculptures,
slides and entertainment for children, competitions. The visitors will be entertained by life-size puppets-animators.

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