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Huge 3D rice paintings created in China

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For their masterpieces, farmers use different varieties of cereals.

This is how they achieve the desired color tones, midtones and shadows on canvases.

In China, tourists have discovered a multi-colored mountain
an array under the protection of UNESCO
In the east of China, in the town of Liangnong, the flag of the Communist Party was "sowed". A family who cultivates grain in the area explained the gesture as an expression of gratitude and appreciation to the local authorities.

In a field west of Shanghai, rice grower Chen Jinxiang created a map of the Middle Kingdom. More than 20 varieties of grain were needed to make a "living canvas" with an area of about 200 square meters.

At the beginning of this season, in the lands of Shenyang, farmers portrayed the goddess Guanyin, who saves people from various disasters. The size of the work was almost 7 square kilometers. Later, an inscription in Chinese appeared next to it, which translates as “Amazing China”.

"Rice artists" are helped by nature - by September, the compositions turn from emerald green to beige-brown. However, the change of seasons does not harm their appearance in any way.

"Painters" admit that such art objects attract tourists to the region, which positively affects the country's economy and incomes of residents.

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