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Huau village opens a new chapter of prosperous life

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Thanks to China's targeted poverty eradication policy, a once-poor, multi-ethnic village in Guizhou province in the southwest of the country has been lifted out of absolute poverty and set on the path to a prosperous life.

Huau Village in Bijie City, Guizhou Province is a typical example of the successful implementation of the policy of eradicating poverty and accelerating economic development.

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Situated high in the karst mountains, this village has become home to three ethnic groups - Han, Miao and Yi, while Miao makes up 96.7%. Due to the geographical location, the villagers were previously separated from the outside world and denied access to running water, and the poverty rate here was 66.3%.

Having got rid of poverty in 2019, the village has acquired a new look today.
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agriculture, animal husbandry and rural tourism. The area of orchards in the village has reached more than 550 hectares, and the settlers work in nearby factories. Their lives are no longer dependent on natural conditions.

In addition, the per capita disposable income of Huau Villagers was 11,500 yuan ($1,770) in 2020.

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Local residents are now overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction and happiness, and a previously lost smile is reappearing on their faces. It is expected that the local people's well-being will grow every day.

The progress in improving the level and quality of life of the local population was highly appreciated by the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who visited the province on February 3 with an inspection - in

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