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Hong Kong youth held patriotic events to mark Youth Day

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Young people from all walks of life in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) held a series of activities on May 2 to commemorate Youth Day, which is observed annually on May 4 in China.

group of young IT talents from the Association of Youth IT Networks entered the neighborhoods, repairing computers for residents free of charge.

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"On the occasion of Youth Day, I hope that our young people will be able to return to the neighborhoods to help residents in need. Through volunteer service and with the help of our professional knowledge, we we can contribute to neighborhoods," said Tang Junhao, head of the association.

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"Volunteers are mostly from the younger generation, which really touched me. On the occasion of Youth Day, I hope that each person will always be able to remember the spirit of independence and self-improvement, to remember the need to pay tribute to society and ane," said Guo Weiqiang, member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong SAR.

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The Think Tank, made up of a group of patriotic and well-read Xiangang youth, organized a workshop on the same day history of the "May 4th Movement" and educating the youth of Hong Kong in the spirit of patriotism, in order to deepen their feelings of love for the Motherland and Hong Kong in particular.

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"We basically want young people to understand the main ideas of the May 4th Movement" , this includes self-reliance, self-improvement and innovative thinking, since all these qualities are very useful at the present time, especially as part of a plan to increase employment and entrepreneurship. business in the Greater Bay region. We hope that young people can step out of their comfort zone and find more opportunities to express their strengths and potential," said Huang Weichong, head of the think tank.

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On the same day, a group of more than 40 young people went to the Wujiaoteng Memorial Park of the Fallen Heroes to pay their respects to the heroes and take a solemn oath to contribute to the construction of Hong Kong and the nation as a whole, and to ensure the implementation of the "One country, two systems".

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